Honestly, when it comes to working the wheels of steel, rocking a party of thousands, holding down a successful radio show, dropping some of the hottest mix tapes on the street and producing beats for some of the biggest artists in the game or hot records of their own, Dallas based DJ Bay Bay is definitely in a class by himself. As a matter of fact, calling the multi-talented, multi-facet DJ Bay Bay (AKA A Bay Bay AKA just plain Bay Bay) a mere DJ/Producer/Recording artist would be a gross understatement. Just ask anybody who has experienced the Southern wunderkind at work and they will tell you that he is all of the above mentioned and more. He is a force of nature.

Born Terrance Stewart in the rough and tumble northern Louisiana city called Shreveport, Bay Bay was raised like many working class Southerners. Both of his parents were musically inclined, his mother sang in the Choir at Morning Star Baptist Church in Shreveport while his father sang in a group called The Legendary Jones Singers. Although Bay Bay had all of the basic necessities a child needed: food, clothing, shelter and good God-fearing parents who loved him unconditionally. But like many working class parents, Bay Bay’s folks couldn’t afford the fancy toys or name brand clothing that was popular when he was coming up so he would borrow clothes from friends so he could stay fresh. As he grew older, Bay Bay started to stray from the path that his parents had laid for him.

“I was a bad child,” recalls Bay Bay. “I was starting fires, stealing shoes and bikes, but I would always return things when I was done with them. People use to fight me and I would catch them slipping and get my payback. The next time they caught me down bad I would go get my older brothers and sisters and we would finish it off.” Although he admits that straying from the path of straight and narrow led him through some stormy times, there was a silver lining at the end of it all. “The one thing that I can say is that all of my struggles made me stronger. But the most important thing that made a difference was my mom’s struggle to pay tuition for me to attend private school so I could get a good Christian education. This is what kept me grounded and gave me my balance in Life.” Indeed education proved to be a turning point for Bay Bay, who survived Shreveport’s notorious gang era and has never abused drugs or alcohol.

Another milestone in Bay Bay’s life was his introduction to hip hop culture via his brother ET who was a break-dancer in a dance group called the Omega Wall Breakers. Immediately after seeing his brother perform Bay Bay says that he “fell in love with the culture.” It was that undying love for hip hop culture that would lead him yet another pivotal moment in his life –music.

According to Bay Bay his love of music was further fostered through his frequent trips to Shreveport’s legendary record store Garland Super Sound, where he would purchase the latest records and observe how its owner DJ Spike Mike would interact with his customers. “Watching DJ Spike Mike’s ability to just say that what people needed to hear at that moment was moving. Whenever you came into his store he always had something to say that would have influence on you as far as music went. So with me seeing how he was able to do that inspired me to develop a real passion for wanting to influence others on the latest in whatever it was… and the latest just happen to be HIP HOP.”

Unlike traditional DJs, Bay Bay never had a set of turntables coming up. What he did have was a microphone and the gift of gab that made people listen and love him. That gift led him to a gig as an announcer for his high school band at football games. “I use to coordinate dance routines for my old high school,” explains Bay Bay. “One day the announcer got sick or something and my band director, Mr. Cleveland White just put me in the seat to announce for the band. Man, when I spoke to thousands of People, just saying what I felt they loved it.”

And just like that, a star was born. By 1996, Bay Bay was doing professional gigs holding down some of the biggest clubs in Shreveport and surrounding areas.

It wasn’t long before his reputation for moving a crowd with his infectious personality caught the eye of local radio station, K-103 the Beat. In 2001, the station gave Bay Bay his own air shift. It didn’t take long before the Shreveport superstar DJ had the number one show in North Louisiana. This is in part thanks to the tutelage of his mentor Jabbajaws, whom he credits with teaching him the ins and outs of the music and radio business. Bay Bay also earned himself a reputation for breaking new records in the Louisiana market via clubs, mixtapes and radio.

By 2007, Bay Bay star was hovering high on the horizon. His reputation as a mixtape, club and radio personality was well known within music industry circles. But in his hometown Bay Bay was more than just respected he was revered for being a party starter. In fact, in local clubs such as the legendary Koko Pellis patrons would start chanting “hey Bay Bay, hey Bay Bay” in anticipation of his coming to the DJ booth. The chant became so popular that it soon became a slang term for turning up in general and it inspired the massive platinum hit single by Hurricane Chris. “A Bay Bay.” In addition to being the name- sake of the song, Bay Bay was co-executive producer of Hurricane Chris’ 51/50 Ratchet LP. He also served as his hype man on tour. With the platinum success of “A Bay Bay” Bay Bay went from being an industry legend to becoming a household name. The demand for him was growing by leaps and bounds and that would leave him with the opportunity to expand his brand beyond his wildest dreams.

He teamed up with fellow DJ, business partner and longtime friend 3 Feet to form And What Entertainment so they could take their movement worldwide.

In 2008, Bay Bay was offered a weekend shift on Dallas’ K-104. Within six months the powerhouse DJ had become so popular that he was given the evening drive shift. Inspired by fellow DJ/Producers like Mannie Fresh, DJ Toomp, Jus Blaze, Jazze Pha and the Justice League, Bay Bay started to try his hand at producing records. According to Bay Bay becoming a producer was a natural progression because “being a DJ, you kinda have an ear and feel for what will work on radio, clubs, or with people in general.” Once again he was a success. Over the years he has worked with major recording artists such as Hurricane Chris, Lil Boosie, Kevin Gates, French Montana, Rick Ross, Master P, Yo Gotti, T.I, Nelly, Future, Juicy J, Project Pat, Lil Snupe, Stuey Rock, Slim Thug and Kirko Bangz. In addition, Bay Bay helped Texas based artists Dorrough Music ink his deal with E One Records and G.S. Boys of “Stanky Leg” fame with a deal Young Joc’s Swagg Team Records.

The success of these records caught the attention of none other than Rick Ross, the founder and CEO of Mayback Music Group. Ross signed Bay Bay on as an A & R in 2012. He wasted no time putting in work at MMG, producing tracks for Rick Ross, Gunplay and DJ Scream. He also emerged on the scene as a recording artist in his own right, producing club-bangers under his own name like “Trunk Fulla White” featuring Dorrough Music, Yo Gotti and Jim Jones, “HNIC” featuring Rick Ross and Master P and “I Stay” featuring Dorrough Music, Fat Pimp, Trai D and Tum Tum.

With his current single, the J. Oliver produced “Right Now,” Bay Bay takes his artistry to a whole new level. The track features Kevin Gates, Kirko Bangs and Ant Bankz, the Shreveport superstar doing lyrical damage atop an irresistible track built around a hauntingly pulsating bass line augmented by eerie high pitch gothic strings. “Right Now” is more of a Southern sound with an awesome feel to it,” says Bay Bay. “It’s a great record that’s so meaningful to me. You know, sometimes when you acquire success; nobody knows the sacrifices, the pain you put yourself thru to still maintain your sanity and just to have a normal life period. This track gives the listener motivation to block out the Nay-Sayers, keep it pushing and do what makes you happy.” And making people happy with music is exactly what motivates Bay Bay, the party starter, career maker and record breaker, pushing the musical envelope as far as he can –to the outer limits of creativity. In other word he wants to make good music that gives people good memories, the kind that last a lifetime.

“At the End of the Day I want to bring a smile to people’s faces,” says Bay Bay. “I want to satisfy that crazy emotion of “don’t nobody know what I’m going through.” I just want to be remembered for making feel good music that makes you want to just say, “phuck it” and enjoy yourself. Forget who’s looking, I’m just going to do what makes me feel good at this point in my life.” And that, my friend, is exactly what Bay Bay and his music does best.




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